Sustainability Initiatives

Environment – Society – Governance


Carbon neutral operation


kWh/year generated by solar systems

Aiming to create a sustainable company

Based on the basic philosophy of “To give attentive consideration to both humanity and nature.”, the Group will set specific goals for the SDGs in fiscal 2020 and contribute to society through business activities in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society…

  • Achieve the goals of the SDGs

  • Reduction targets for CO2 emissions

  • Work style reform

Sustainability Report

We are thrilled to present our latest achievements and initiatives in corporate social responsibility. From community engagement to environmental stewardship, this report highlights our commitment to making a positive impact. Discover how we are driving change and creating a better future for all. Dive into our sustainability report today and join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and responsible business.


At our company, sustainability is a core value that guides everything we do. We believe that it is our responsibility to operate in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment and supports the communities in which we operate. We understand that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a critical component of our long-term success. By prioritizing sustainability, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, and create a healthier and more equitable world for future generations. To achieve our sustainability goals, we have implemented a number of initiatives across our operations.

Eco Products

Production of more sustainable products that help to safe energy…


Mitsuboshi Belting Group carries out environmental conservation activities …


When procuring raw materials, parts, and products, we evaluate…


each business site holds a monthly environmental committee to check…

We have invested in renewable energy sources, reduced waste and emissions, and implemented sustainable sourcing practices. We also work closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure that they share our commitment to sustainability. But sustainability is not just about reducing our negative impact. It is also about creating positive change in the world. That’s why we support local communities through charitable giving and volunteerism, and strive to create products and services that promote sustainability and social responsibility. Ultimately, we believe that sustainability is not just good for the planet, but also good for business. By operating in a sustainable and responsible way, we are able to build trust with our customers, attract and retain top talent, and create long-term value for our shareholders.

Solar Power Generation

In order to introduce renewable energy, we have installed solar power generation systems on the rooftops of the third and fourth building at the Kobe Plant R&D center.
We will strive to reduce CO₂ emissions by introducing earth-friendly natural energy.

School Biotope

Mitsuboshi Belting is making use of its products and technologies to help local elementary schools in the city of Kobe, where its headquarters is located, create “biotope ponds.” We began this activity in 1996, the year after the Great Hanshin Earthquake, as a therapeutic effort targeting children affected by the disaster.


We believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to the betterment of society. We understand that our success is not only measured by our financial performance, but also by the positive impact we have on the communities we serve. One of the ways we contribute to society is through our corporate social responsibility initiatives. We have implemented various programs that focus on education, health, and environmental sustainability.

Human Resource

Activities to reform workstyle and develop human resource…


Activities of the Mitsuboshi Belting Fureai Council to develop…

In addition, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We have implemented eco-friendly practices in our operations, such as reducing waste and energy consumption. Furthermore, we believe in giving back to the community through philanthropic activities. We have donated to various charitable organizations and disaster relief efforts to support those in need. Overall, our social contribution as a company is an integral part of our values and mission. We strive to make a positive impact on society and create a better future for all.

Donation to UNICEF JPN

The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake caused devastating damage to Nagata Ward, Kobe City, where the Mitsuboshi Belting headquarters is located. Based on our basic philosophy, Mitsuboshi Belting Group has contributed since 2005, the 10th anniversary of the earthquake, to help children that were affected by the earthquake. We continue to donate to the Japan Committee for UNICEF.

Tokyo HQ Music Salon

We are holding a free admission concert in Tokyo in order to give back the support of many people in the reconstruction of the earthquake. Not only for the music fans of the audience, but also for the young musicians who perform, it is an opportunity to perform in a first-class concert hall.


At our company, we prioritize strong corporate governance as a fundamental aspect of our operations. We believe that effective governance is essential for maintaining transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior throughout our organization. Our board of directors plays a crucial role in overseeing the company’s strategic direction and ensuring that management acts in the best interests of shareholders. Comprised of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, our board brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide our decision-making processes.


Considered as one of its topmost management priorities to secure the trust…

Initiatives for
Health and Safety

Continues improvement of the health and safety management system…

System for
Internal Control

Establishment of a commitee to improve risk management activities…

We have established clear policies and procedures to promote ethical conduct and prevent conflicts of interest. Our code of conduct outlines the principles and values that all employees are expected to uphold, fostering a culture of integrity and responsible behavior. Furthermore, we maintain open lines of communication with our shareholders and other stakeholders. We regularly engage with them to understand their concerns, address their questions, and incorporate their feedback into our decision-making processes. This ensures that their interests are represented and that we maintain a strong relationship built on trust and transparency.