Human resource development activities

Training of overseas employees

We accept local employees of overseas affiliated companies in Japan and provide training to deepen their knowledge of the work they are in charge of locally. Local employees who have learned production technology and quality control by OJT and maintenance technology of the latest equipment return to Japan and deploy it to their own workplaces, contributing to the improvement of the overall level.

After a tour of Mitsuboshi's HQ in Kobe, the participants were able to talk to local employees on site and get to know them personally
The participants were introduced to current corporate strategies and received theoretical training on the production processes
After receiving training at HQ in theory, Employees are shown the production process up close from start to finish at MBL Giken and Shikoku factory

Overseas dispatch training

Since 2000, we have been conducting overseas dispatch training as part of the development of human resources who can understand Japan in the world by looking at Japan from the outside. Every year, several students study abroad at universities in the United States, Germany, China, etc. for one year, and not only learn the language and culture of the time, but also carry out human resource development activities that respect diversity, personality, and individuality. In addition, in order to further improve the skills of our employees, we started a new online language training in 2020.

Commemorative photo with classmates.
You will deepen your understanding of different cultures as well as languages.