2020 – Today

Development of the European location

Mitsuboshi Belting Europe GmbH

October ’22

In Q4 2022, a branch office of Mitsuboshi Belting Europe GmbH was established in France. Our French colleagues from sales department have settled here with the aim of being able to provide more targeted support for the French economic area.

April ’21

In addition to the already existing production site, a new sales office was established in Indonesia “PT. MITSUBOSHI BELTING SALES INDONESIA”.

February ’20

In Q2 2020, the company name of the European site in Neuss, Germany was changed from “MBL Antriebstechnik Deutschland GmbH” to “Mitsuboshi Belting Europe GmbH”.


2010 – 2020

100 years of Mitsuboshi

History and Tradition

October ’19

In Q4 2019, we made company history and celebrated 100 years of Mitsuboshi. The celebration was held in large scale at our headquarters in Japan together with our most valuable customers who have supported us over the years.

February ’15

In Q2 2015, we have released the “Smart Tension” app to give our customers the possibility to perform simple belt tension calculations on their smartphone. We made Tension calculation as convenient as possible.

December ’10

In Q4 2010, the MITSUBOSHI BELTING-INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED sales office was established in India in order to come one step closer to the goal of expanding sales worldwide.


2000 – 2010

Production System Development

From raw materials to finished products

October ’08

In Q4 2008, we developed a new variable speed belt composed of engineering plastic blocks and rubber.

October ’07

In Q4 2007, the Ayabe Production System Development Center started its operations with an integrated production system from raw materials to finished products.

April ’04

In Q2 2004, the production site SUZHOU MITSUBOSHI BELTING CO., LTD. was established in China.


1990 – 2000

Development and Testing

Production Systems

October ’99

In Q4 1999, we held a ceremony to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Mitsuboshi Belting Group.

February ’99

In Q1 1999, Mitsuboshi Belting Giken Co., Ltd. was established in Ayabe City, Kyoto, for the purpose of developing and testing production systems.

November ’96

In Q4 2010, a new complex of buildings P.T. SEIWA INDONESIA was established, which includes a production site, warehouse and sales office.


1980 – 1990

Worldwide Expansion

Expansion of the global sales strategy

March ’88

In addition to the newly established sales location in Germany, the American site started with the production of power transmission belts in Q1 1988.

February ’88

In Q1 1988, MBL Antriebstechnik Deutschland GmbH was established in Germany. The site includes warehousing and sales.

December ’87

In Q4 1987, Mitsuboshi Belting (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand as a new international production site and sales office (incl. warehouse).


1970 – 1980

New Chapter in Europe

First development of the European site

July ’77

In Q3 1977, a further Mitsuboshi Group production site was opened in Singapore, which also includes a warehouse and a sales office.

February ’77

In Q1 1977, MBL (Europe) B.V. was established in the Netherlands as our first european Headquarter, in order to open up the European market.

July ’73

In Q3 1973, the first ever Mitsuboshi site MBL (USA) CORPORATION was established in the United States. In addition, this year the Mitsuboshi Group has started the production of automobile exterior components.


1960 – 1970

The company Mitsuboshi goes public

Stock Exchange in Tokyo and Nagoya

May ’62

After being listed on the Nagoya Stock exchange in June ’61 Mitsuboshi Belting was also listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Q2 1962.

January ’62

In Q1 1962, the Mitsuboshi Nagoya plant was established to increase production capacity in order to meet the strengthened demand for Mitsuboshi power transmission belts.

May ’61

In Q2 1961, the company name was changed from Mitsuboshi Chotai Co., Ltd to Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.


1950 – 1960

Further development of the product portfolio

Timing Belt Production

July ’58

In Q2 1958, the MBL Group was listed on Osaka Securities Exchange.

May ’57

In Q2 1957, the Mitsuboshi Belting Group has started to its production of timing belts.

June ’50

In Q2 1950, the Nagoya Branch office was established to support sales activities in Japan.


1940 – 1950

New Strategy - New Products

V-Belts and Flat Belts enter the Market

November ’47

In Q4 1947, the Shikoku Plant was established and we started manufacturing flat belts.

January ’47

In Q1 1947, a new submarket was opened up and a start was made on manufacturing bicycle tires and tubes.

October ’40

In Q4 1940, a new era was born for the Mitsuboshi to start manufacturing V-belts.


1930 – 1940

Further Establishment in Japan

Tokyo Branch Office

June ’37

In Q2 1937, the Tokyo branch office was established.

March ’36

In Q1 1947, for the first time, the Mitsuboshi Group has started producing conveyor belts.

June ’35

In Q2 1935, the company name was changed to Mitsuboshi Chotai Co., Ltd


Past – 1930

The beginning of something big

The early days

March ’20

In Q3 1920, the main material of power transmission belts production was changed from cotton to rubber.

October ’19

In Q4 1919, Mitsuboshi Shokai was founded to manufacture cotton transmission belts at the current Kobe Plant site.