Health and Safety Initiatives

Basic Policy for Occupational Health and Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of all employees of the Mitsuboshi Belting Group and continuously improving the system that manages it are the top business priorities. With this in mind, all employees cooperate in undertaking health and safety activities.

Code of Conduct

  • We maintain and improve the health and safety management system so that it continues to function effectively.

  • We comply with health- and safety-related laws and regulations and health and safety management guidelines.

  • We work to prevent occupational accidents through risk assessment and health and safety training.

  • We implement medical checkups, mental health measures and infectious disease control to promote the healthcare of all employees.

  • We raise road safety awareness to eliminate traffic accidents.

Risks, Opportunities and Measures for Mitsuboshi Belting

Risk factors Risks and opportunities Measures (approach, activity)
Customer requirements, strengthening of laws and regulations Decrease in corporate value due to violation of laws and regulations and violation of customer requirements
Improving corporate value through early response
Compliance with laws and regulations (enhancement of safety and health organization,
Internal audit, legal and regulatory education)
Spread of infectious diseases Restrictions on business activities
Improving corporate value and continuing business through early response
Infectious disease BCP formulation
Response to climate change Frequent natural disasters, enormous growth, restrictions on business activities
Improving corporate value and continuing business through early response
Climate change BCP formulation
Implementation of emergency training
Aging employees Increase in occupational accidents and traffic accidents
Securing the labor force through early response
Risk assessment, KY activities
Employee health promotion
Response to work style reform Decrease in corporate value due to delay in response
Improving corporate value and securing a labor force through early response
Safe and comfortable work environment
Stress check

Construction of safety and health management system

We hold safety and health and environmental meetings twice a year to tackle health and safety issues. In addition, each business site holds a monthly safety and health committee to work together with labor and management to improve safety and health activities.

Construction of safety and health management system

Countermeasures for COVID-19 infection

For new coronavirus infectious diseases, we have set up the “New Coronavirus Countermeasures Headquarters” and established the infection status at each base in Japan and overseas, the operation status of each base, the work status of employees, the status of schools and residential areas, and transactions. We organize necessary information such as the previous situation, and as the situation changes daily, we are promoting measures against infectious diseases while sharing information with the Group.

The Group is actively promoting the review of the work system and the introduction of telecommuting as a countermeasure against new coronavirus infectious diseases. To prevent new coronavirus infections, it is important to reduce contact between people, but some employees may not be suitable for working from home, so our welfare facility “Wafuso” We have opened the conference room and accommodation room as a remote office, and are working on infection control while ensuring an environment suitable for telework and web conferencing.