Green Procurement Policy

  • 1

    Procure products made in factories with advanced environmental protection.

  • 2

    Procure raw materials, parts, and products that have a low environmental impact.

  • 3

    No use of conflict minerals.

Formulation of Green Procurement Standards

When procuring raw materials, parts, and products, the Mitsuboshi Belting Group comprehensively evaluates not only “quality, price, delivery time” but also “environmental load and environmental conservation efforts” in addition to the procurement criteria. The Green Procurement Standards were established in March 2005 and have been revised since then to reflect the latest legal and regulatory trends.

Evaluation of chemical substances

Introduction of chemical analyzer

When procuring and delivering raw materials, parts, and products, we have introduced chemical analyzers such as inductive plasma emission spectroscopic analyzers, fluorescent X-ray analyzers, and mercury analyzers, and are conducting in-house analysis of prohibited substances.