Basic concept of corporate governance

Mitsuboshi Belting Group considers corporate governance one of its topmost management priorities, in order to secure the trust of its shareholders and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.
In accordance with this basic philosophy, Mitsuboshi Belting Group strives to enhance its business productivity in prompt and flexible response to the changes in the business environment and the market, and for maintenance, Mitsuboshi Belting Group addresses strengthening of supervisory function to management and the internal control in order to maintain and enhance its management efficiency and transparency, and, thereby, enhance its corporate governance in accordance with the following basic policy.

Basic policy

  • 1
    Respect shareholders’ rights and secure shareholders’ equality.
  • 2
    Respect shareholders’ rights and positions, and work properly in harmony with stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees, communities and so on).
  • 3
    Disclose corporate information timely and properly, and, thereby, secure transparency and fairness.
  • 4
    Cause board of directors meeting and so on fulfill properly the functions and the responsibility, in light of fiduciary responsibility and accountability to shareholders.
  • 5

    Have constructive dialogues with shareholders.

Overview of corporate governance system

Mitsuboshi Belting Group has in place a Board of Directors comprising eight members, of whom three are outside directors, and a Board of Corporate Auditors. This board has four members, of whom three are outside corporate auditors.

The Board of Directors meets monthly to make decisions on important items and supervise the execution of operations by directors.

Mitsuboshi Belting Group employs an executive officer system.

By separating the functions of management decision-making and supervision from operational execution, Mitsuboshi Belting Group aims to strengthen its operational execution structure and bolster management efficiency.

Governance Structure