Basic Policy for the Environment

In all business activities, the Mitsuboshi Belting Group carries out environmental conservation activities from a global perspective with the aim of realizing a sustainable society based on the basic philosophy of “thinking about people and thinking about the earth.” We will promote the creation of companies that contribute to society.

  • 1

    Maintenance of environmental management system
    We will maintain an environmental management system that functions effectively, and manage the environmental conservation activities that are developed in all business activities with this system.

  • 2

    Compliance obligations
    We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, agreements with stakeholders, internal rules and guidelines, etc.

  • 3

    Cooperation with stakeholders
    In order to ensure the achievement of the environmental goals set for each issue in various environmental conservation activities such as resource saving / energy saving and reduction of environmentally hazardous substances, we will actively promote cooperation with stakeholders. We will also actively engage in various activities aimed at coexistence with the local community.

  • 4

    Utilization of technological capabilities
    We will apply the know-how and technology cultivated as a manufacturing company to environmental conservation activities from the perspective of product lifecycle.

  • 5

    Implementation of continuous improvement
    In all business activities, we will identify and monitor environmental impacts, make continuous improvements, and ensure that we achieve our environmental goals.

Through the environmental management system, all employees of the Mitsuboshi Belting Group will be informed of this basic environmental policy. We will also disclose it outside the company in a form that is easily available to all stakeholders.

Revised on October 1, 2021