The Company

Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. was founded in Kobe (Japan) in October 1919 as a producer of industrial drive belts. It all started with the production of cotton belts. Through continuous advancement and further developments, Mitsuboshi has evolved over the years into a Global Player not only in the drive technology sector, but today, the company also offers solutions in the sectors of architecture, landscape construction and electronic components.

This success is based on the consistent implementation of the corporate philosophy “High Performance,” “High Precision,” and “High Quality.” The three stars in our company logo stand for this philosophy which is also represented by our name Mitsuboshi (Japanese for “three stars“).

Mitsuboshi Belting Europe GmbH

Founded under the name “MBL (Europe) B.V.” in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 1988 as an affiliate of the parent company Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd., this company moved to its current location in Neuss in 2014 and was renamed to “MBL Antriebstechnik Deutschland GmbH”. In line with the unification of the company name within the group, the name was changed into “Mitsuboshi Belting Europe GmbH” in February 2020.

As the European headquarters of the Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. Group, this site comprises the areas of sales, engineering and logistics.

Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.

Management Message

Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. was established in 1919 as a manufacturer of industrial belts and through untiring efforts, has become one of the leading companies in the belt industry. Now our products include waterproofing and water shielding sheets and engineering plastics, but we have always adhered to the motto, “produce quality and sell quality” and to earn the trust of customers. Mitsuboshi’s high-quality products are essential to daily life as well as progress of the industry.

We have always maintained strict quality assurance and both domestic and overseas factories are obtaining ISO 9001 or IATF 16949, which is considered to be the most stringent international standard for quality management systems. Our main domestic factories and several other overseas factories have been certified by ISO14001, and we are actively engaged in development of environmentally-friendly products.

With the basic management policy, “to contribute to society by supplying goods of high performance, high precision and high quality” and the corporate philosophy, “to give attentive consideration to both humanity and nature”, we strive for the prosperous future of the society.

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