Belt measuring gauge

This Mitsuboshi belt measuring gauge is designed to measure the inner length of drive belts such as:

  • V-belts
  • V-ribbed belts
  • Timing belts


  1. Place belt over the upper semi circle
  2. Slide down lower semicircle to match belt size
  3. Slightly tension the belt
  4. Read value on the scale

With the help of this measuring tool you are able to measure the inner length of V-belts, V ribbed belts and Timing belts.

Depending on which belt profile is used, certain values such as effective length can be read from the conversion Table.

lightweight and easy to handle Lower semicircle slides easily over scale and adapts to belt sizes within measuring range.

Product information
Measuring Range 500 – 2500 mm
Gross Weight 980 g
Designed for V-belts
V-ribbed belts
Timing belts


Download our belt measuring tool One Pager

Feel free to download our specification sheet with the corresponding product information

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